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We are

An educational organization committed to improving human relationships by growing emotional intelligence and skillful communication. Why? Because happy relationships keep us happy and healthy.


In reality, the seeds of LTL were planted decades ago with my deep-seated need to escape from a world that was stressful and confusing. As a kid, I found refuge at the top of a single tree that stood in my backyard. That bird’s-eye view of life framed my belief that safety required separation. If a tree could stand alone, so could I. The illusion of a separate self was an unhelpful story that wreaked havoc on my relationships for decades. My personal quest for well-being led me to a profession that studies human behavior from multiple scientific lenses.

What I failed to understand as a kid was that a tree’s ability to survive relies on a vast unseen root system that connects, communicates and builds relationships with other trees.



Today, the field of interpersonal neurobiology reveals that the same is true for humans -- our nervous systems connect and communicate to build relationships. And one thing that connects all of humanity is our shared desire to be happy.



Modern technology is working to help humans not only survive, but thrive. Science has identified mindsets for learning and mental practices to wire our brain for well-being. By translating contemporary science into practical applications, we offer services to help people of all ages develop literacy in emotional intelligence, interpersonal communication and written language.

Our backgrounds and circumstances may have influenced who we are, but we can choose who we become. LIFE IS SHORT. CHOOSE HAPPY. GROW YOUR BRAIN.