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A recent article from Business Insider reported that the average worker will spend more than 90,000 hours in their lifetime at work. Learning Tree Literacy is proud to partner with the Search Inside Yourself Leadership Institute to help ensure your 90,000 hours are grounded in a culture that serves well-being at the personal, relational and organizational levels.

Based on findings from contemporary neuroscience, organizational studies, and psychology, the Search Inside Yourself Leadership Institute teaches emotional intelligence skills that lead to sustained peak performance, strong collaboration and effective leadership. SIY increases self-awareness, empathy, communication and resilience. All of these trainable skills help create positive emotional and mental states for a strong and inspiring leadership presence.



Search Inside Yourself is the original 2-day mindfulness-based emotional intelligence training program developed at Google. Based on neuroscience, the SIYLI works with organizations around the world to teach tools for focus, self-awareness and resilience. Taught on-site by two SIY Certified Teachers, the program is a deep-dive into mental training and interpersonal skills with practical applications that lead to sustained peak performance, strong collaboration and effective leadership.

Whether at work or home, the quality of our relationships depends on our mental fitness and interpersonal skills. Take the guesswork out of wellbeing and unlock human potential. Learn more about the SIY program and its results here.




PARTICIPANT PERSPECTIVES. Interviews with SIY participants about how the program works and how it impacted them.

DO YOU DREAM OF CREATING A MINDFUL COMPANY? Peter Bostelmann describes the process of introducing mindfulness and emotional intelligence to the multinational software corporation SAP and shares the program's results. For more information, please visit

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Stacey had an incredibly calming demeanor and a warmth that's rare to find in people today. I love how she contextualized her discussions of neuroscience and behavior within her experiences as an educator and speech pathologist. I also appreciated her vulnerability in sharing how mindfulness has helped her navigate challenging personal circumstances (e.g., family health challenges).

-SIY Participant

I attended a 2-day SIY program through my employer. Having explored "mindfulness" concepts in the past, I was a little skeptical. Much to my surprise, the SIY training for leaders helped me tremendously. I learned how to practice mindfulness in a way that works for me personally - in bite size pieces. I loved that the program was very applicable to my role as a leader. The format kept me engaged the entire 2 days. There was a little content presentation followed by practice. I loved having the 4-week follow-up prompts to continue my learning journey plus having an accountability buddy that I speak with every week. My "go to" practices are the full body scan, mindful walking and 3-part breathing. Finally, the presenters were very relatable and fun to be with. I'd highly recommend SIY to others.

-SIY Participant

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